10-12 years


 My registered name is Whitevelvet Caribou Creek but I go by Harley. I am an IntCH, NatCH and HnrCH-B Champion.

(See my Championship photos under awards and training)


The Labrador Retriever should be brushed weekly, though twice weekly brushing may be needed during times of shedding. 

Country of Origin

The dogs that formed the foundation of the Labrador breed in England in the 1800s, were imported not from Labrador but from Newfoundland. They were originally called a St. John's Dog or lesser Newfoundland dog. They were black in color with white feet and mussels. Many don't know this but when a yellow coated Labrador was first born in England, they were immediately drowned by their owners.  It wasn't until latter that the yellow coat variation was accepted and propagated. 

Deb & Rainier


Hi, I'm a champion too! My name is IntCH Whitevelvet Larkspur but I go by Dakota. I come from a long line of field & hunting  champions.

​(See my Championship photos under awards and training) 

​​Dakota and Harley



This breed learns very quickly and is always eager to please. Training is quite easy. 

The Labrador Retriever is probably America's favorite dog. He is playful (well into his adult years) and is often seen as a lifelong friend.

Breed Group: Sporting 

Weight (lbs): male: 65-85, female: 55-80 

Height (in): male: 22-24, female: 21-23 

Colors: Black, Yellow, or Chocolate. 

Coat: It should be short, straight and very dense, giving a fairly hard feeling to the touch.


Rainier (4mos.)      & Harley


            Introducing Rainier

Hello! My name is Loyal Labradors White Mountain Rainier... But I go by Rainy. I'm little right now, but when I get big.. I will have litters of my own. Keep checking in and watch me grow!


The Labrador Retriever can easily adapt to the exercise level of your family, but actually need lots of exercise, including long walks and field sports. 


​ 11 mos.

                 Just Hang'in Around:

              Dakota, Rainier & Harley

"Ethical Breeding with Love and Snuggles!"

White Mountain Labradors

California & Idaho 


Deborah Mansfield is one of the premier Labrador breeders in Idaho with both National and International Champions. She insists on ethical breeding and care for her pets.  


This breed gets along well with children, other dogs, and most household pets. They are not considered to be great watch dogs, however. 

​Bonita, Rainier & Deb     Out for a walk



​​      Meet the Breeder

Dakota and Rainier

     Best In Breed

​    White Velvet Caribou Creek                        (Harley)

Spokane Valley Sieger, Post Falls ID 2017   

Spokane Valley Sieger, Post Falls ID 2016

Evergreen Spring Sieger, Evergreen, WA 2016

Spokane Valley Sieger 2015, Spokane WA 2015



Deborah Mansfield is the owner of White Mountain Labradors. She is a long time, responsible pet owner and lover of all animals. Deborah was a co-owner in a veterinary clinic located in Granite Bay, California for over twenty years so she has a wealth of experience with animals as well as bred and trained National and International Champions. She specializes in yellow Labrador Retrievers, but breeds toward the lighter coloring. White Mountain Labradors is a small breeder that averages just two to four litters of labrador puppies each year. She works hard to ensure that the offspring meet AKC standards and strives for the "improvement/quality" of the breed.  She breeds ENGLISH Labradors with exceptional features, impressive pedigrees, strong genetics, stocky frames, and large block heads. Only the best pedigreed dogs are used in her breeding program which ensures that you are getting the best puppy possible, regardless if you want a companion dog or a show dog .