White Mountain Labradors


  Mammoth - age 18 weeks

  BELU (at the Coast)

        5 mos.


 "Dexter made it home safely and he is more          beautiful than I could have ever imagined! He    has the softest coat I have ever felt on a puppy    before."

                                           - Maggie 

                    Deposits being taken now for 2023       

                   Spring/Summer Nova X Harley Litter. 

         ONLY 2 male slots left. Act now before it's too late! 

            Pups are being sold with Limited registration.         


   A $500 deposit is required and is non-refundable unless the     requested sex of the pup is not available. All pups come with   age appropriate vaccinations and are Vet checked. Shipping is   available for an additional fee. 

​         *** Breeder AlWAYS has 1st pick if desired *****

 Opal & Marz (Rainier X Harley) 

 Jax - 12 weeks   Born 9/23/2022 

 Nova X Harley Pup 


Then & Now

      GUS at       

   Notre Dame

  Hava (Luna X Sammer)            Spring 2021


Then & Now



The Dewings and their new pup "Otis" 6/2019

​​   "Gus" Halloween

   at the Gillespie's

​​​​   GUS 

 Apr 2022

   Luna & Harley

  My Favorite - Harley with Siouxi

   "I can't tell you how much we are enjoying our boy     

   Belu. He seems like such an old soul at such a young     age. A total joy. So easygoing and very sharp and     

   receptive to training. He is an absolute magnet     

   anywhere we go. We have passed on your info to SO   

   many people. You are breeding some extraordinary   

   dogs. I'm anxious to see the pups out of   


                                                      ​ - Jess


  "Cooper"      Then & Now


"Ethical Breeding with Love and Snuggles!"

    "Dexter"     Then & Now

  Proud  Parents

​​  Daisy (Gracie X Harley)

     Born 5/24/2020

     *Photo taken by* 

​      Mack Provisions

​    ​​"Hunter" July 2019

 Luna X Sammer - Boy 

    Spring 2021